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Birgitt Susann Eggers, Holger Förster, Thomas Knackstedt  & Annika Wendt

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Your Dental Specialists at Zahnärzte EFK

Birgitt Susann Eggers

Dr. Birgitt Susann Eggers started the surgery together with Holger Förster in 1986. Her energy and verve make her one of the driving forces at EFK. She thinks dentistry is so much fun she would do her studies all over again. She specializes in aesthetic dentistry, periodontology and endodontics.

In her spare time she enjoys sailing the seven seas and travelling in general. If you need ideas for interesting holiday destinations Susann Eggers definitely is the person to ask!

When she is not roaming the world or rushing through the surgery Susann Eggers she is probably riding her motor bike or walking Sebastian, her dachshund.

Holger Förster

As cofounder of the surgery Holger Förster is the F in Zahnärzte EFK.

He gets very enthusiastic about endodontics and is our specialist for dentures. He has studied the medical aspects of sleep professionally but his hobby is holistic dental medicine.

Holger is married and has two sons. The whole family enjoys sports and they play tennis and golf together or go for bicycle rides. On weekends he and his sons enjoy kicking a football around the park. Left to his own devices he can get quite competitive at local tennis tournaments or the Cyclassics bicycle race.

On his holidays Holger Förster tends to go on long distance flights: His wife is from Puerto Rico and has family all over South America.

As he considers himself a bit of an experts on sunday roasts he often cooks for his family and friends on weekends.

Thomas Knackstedt

Dr. Thomas Knackstedt has been with EFK since 1991 and provided the K when he was made a partner in 1993.

He is a well-known expert on implants but has also specialized in oral surgery and endodontics. He is responsible for our quality management.

Personally he likes to take on the role of the rational realist who shoots down most of the wilder ideas Susann Eggers comes up with.

Thomas Knackstedt was born in Hamburg and actively supports legendary football club St. Pauli. Thomas himself was an active player for more than 30 years.

These days the one thing he likes almost as much as spending time with his family is riding his motor bike but as a father of three he usually rides around in a family car. He likes rock music and gets tickets for Bagaluten-Wiehnacht every year.

As a DIY enthusiast he is quite an expert on all sorts of power drills, but thankfully he leaves the big ones at home.

Annika Wendt

Annika Wendt grew up on the banks of the river Schlei but later went to Mainz University. After her exams she felt drawn back to the north and now, armed with southern sunny disposition, enjoys a stiff northerly breeze of which Hamburg has a lot to offer.

Working shifts hopefully leaves her with enough time for her doctoral thesis as well as sewing, sports and socializing.

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