Amalgam is so Yesterday

We offer a holistic approach to dental care and alternative medical treatments
even if many insurances are still sceptical.

Why not use it if it helps?

Alternative Treatments in Dentistry

We believe that if something helps then it is a valuable complement to conventional dentistry . That is why we at Zahnärzte EFK keep an open mind when it comes to alternative medicine.

Holistic dental medicine says all teeth are connected with the rest of your body through energy meridians. We offer to test the connection between your teeth and other organs using EAV.

In case of chronic pain or illness we can introduce homeopathic remedies into the electric measuring circuit to find possible causes. Often, damaged teeth are at the root of chronic ailments: the inflamation of a root canal or the presence of a filling material that causes allergies are typical examples.

Once we have found the cause of your illness and have treated your teeth the chronic pain or illness will improve or be completely cured.

Principles of Holistic Dental Medicine

Traditionally doctors only concerned themselves with the symptoms of an illness without looking for its cause. A holistic medical approach transcends this form of isolated treatment of symptoms and looks at the patient as a whole: a complex individual whose illness is the result of the complex interaction of various processes.

This approach is the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine which developed the holistic view of the patient several thousand years ago, leading to the principles of energy meridians and acupuncture. Acupuncture demonstrates that even down to an individual tooth, every organ in our body is connected to parts of the body via energy meridians.

At Zahnärzte EFK we use this holistic approach as a welcome addition to the latest diagnostic technology and treatment.

Examples of Holistic Dental Treatment

An example: A patient suffers from a chronic bladder infection and receives repeat prescriptions for antibiotics yet their condition does not improve. It turns out that the real cause is a tooth infection that has remained untreated. Once this seemingly unrelated infection is treated the interaction between different parts of the body ceases and the bladder infection is finally cured.

Organic Interaction and Allergy Testing

For many years efk’s Holger Förster has been using electro-acupuncture to check for such interactions between affected teeth and other organs and to test for allergic reactions to filling materials. These tests have proved very useful in the diagnosis of allergies and the prevention of allergic reactions and related health risks.

We use electro-acupuncture to gain insights into the interaction of teeth and other parts of the body. This method which makes use of the energy meridians and their electrical conductivity was developed by the German doctor Reinhold Voll in 1956.

Through the use of electro-acupuncture, chronic illnesses caused by inflammation, dead teeth roots or toxic filing material can be detected by measuring this conductivity. Using additional homeopathic remedies we are able to pinpoint dental trouble spots which can then be treated.

Allergies and Amalgam

Many materials used in clasical dentistry can cause chronic trouble with nerves, joints or the immune system, e.g.

  • amalgam,
  • palladium
  • some synthetics and adhesives

The symptoms are not always obvious: chronic tiredness, repeated colds, occasional pain or multiple allergies may be signs that your body is exposed to harmful filling materials.

We can check if you are suffering from these condition with electro-acupuncture. We can also advise you on how to help yor body expel these harmful substances from organic tissue.

Don’t hesitate to ask us in case you have further questions about this subject – we are glad to help!