Dental Splints

Do you suffer from headaches or a sore neck? In many cases a dental splint can help.

We'll tackle your problem together!

Help for Sleeping Problems

Do you suffer from tension headaches? Frequent pain in the head, neck or shoulders is not always caused by bad posture; very often tensed up muscles in your jaw are to blame. Many people grind their teeth whilst sleeping or when they concentrate very intensely. Unless the teeth and jaw are able to move freely it can lead to various problems.

Naturally occuring bumps on the surface of your teeth are ground down. The musculature in your lower face becomes very tense, which leads to headaches and pain in your neck and shoulders. All this is easily avoided by wearing a dental splint at night.

Dental Splints to Prevent Snoring

Snoring is annoying. Even more, it can be dangerous! The noise not only keeps partners awake, but also disturbs the snorer’s sleeping pattern. Snoring can lead to irregular breathing (which prevents the snorer from getting enough oxygen) and even respiratory arrest.

These effects can in turn lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks or strokes.

In case you or your partner suffers from snoring, consult Holger Förster. He is a member of DGZS and he can help you to sleep better and breathe freely again. After a thorough examination he will provide you with a special dental splint that will keep your respiratory passages open and will let you sleep peacefully again.

In cases like this Holger Förster works in close co-operation with ear nose and throat specialist Dr. med. Lutz Klopp, so you get the benefit of two expert opinions. We always want you to feel you are in the best hands!

Medical Splints

As a part of prophylactic treatments, our dental technicians can provide you with a medicated dental splint. A special antibacterial gel is applied to these splints which helps prevent dental caries (cavities). Usually these medical splints must be worn for about ten minutes per day over a period of two weeks. Medical dental splints are an extremely effective way to prevent cavities.