Preventive Dental Care

With one of our individual prophylactic programmes and a little common sense
you'll only need to come in for checkups.

Healthy Teeth for a Lifetime!

Preventive Dental Care

Prophylaxis refers to the cleaning of teeth as a preventative measure against gum disease and tooth decay, but our highly qualified prophylaxis team is also responsible for pre- and postoperational treatment. They play a large part in making sure your teeth will last you for a long time.

Preventive Dental Treatments

Preventing Tooth Decay and Periodontitis
  • professiona cleaning
  • individual guidance for optimal oral hygiene
  • medical splints with special antibacterial gel
Treating Periodontitis
  • antibacterial drugs
  • DNA- or RNA testing to determine individual likelihood to contract periodontitis
Cosmetic Treatment
  • removal of plaque and discolouration
  • bleaching

Things You Can Do

You can contribute quite a bit by following these simple tips:

Oral Hygiene

If you want to keep your teeth healthy for a long time you should brush them thoroughly. Use a soft motion away from the gum, along the tooth to reach into the spaces between your teeth.

Don’t use a lot of pressure as this can damage the tooth enamel. Tooth paste that produces a lot of foam is too aggressive. Please avoid tooth brushes with bristle made from natural fibres as they can be very unhygienic.

Food and Diet

Did you know that a strict wholemeal diet can damage your teeth? The acid in fruit damages tooth enamel, and wholemeal grains literally grind your teeth down. Please contact our dietician for further information.


A mother loses a tooth with each child she bears.

This old saying is thankfully obsolete! While it is true that during pregnancy there is a higher risk of contracting caries (tooth decay) or periodontitis, good oral hygiene will easily prevent this.


Bad teeth are not inherited – tooth decay is a bacterial infection that parents can pass on to their children. So please avoid popping your baby’s dummy into your mouth for a "quick clean"!

Children and Brushing Teeth

Brushing your teeth should be fun: the brush should be small with soft bristles, the handle fit for small hands. Children usually enjoy electric brushes – they tickle and come in all shapes and sizes.

Tooth paste with fruit flavour might also be a good idea. A good way to reliably prevent tooth decay is the application of dental sealants. Please contact us!