Dental Implants

Modern implantology offers optimal solutions for individual dental problems.
Zahnärzte EFK has an excellent record of keeping the highest international standards.

Implants are often less destructive than bridges!

Artificial Tooth Root Replacement

Losing your teeth does not necessarily mean a loss of quality of life – at least not when Dr. Thomas Knackstedt provides you with tooth and root replacements. His implants, combined with top quality crowns, are hardly distinguishable from real teeth – and they are just as durable!

Using the latest implant technology, Dr. Knackstedt ensures that your smile and speech remain carefree. Implants, unlike other replacements, do not cause any loss of substance in the jawbones, thus making the constant readjustment of crowns unnecessary.

Our modern implants have become so reliable as to last for several decades, which means that compared to other replacement options, implants cost very little to maintain. Zahnärzte EFK practices to the highest standards of modern implantology.

Dental implants are inserted in four steps:

  1. The bone is exposed and a hole is drilled
  2. The new root is inserted and the skin sewn back into place
  3. When the skin has healed the implant is exposd again and the upper part of the implant is put
  4. Now a crown or any other type of dental replacement can be installed

Modern Implantology

Modern implantology offers the best solutions to individual dental problems. Treatment options range from the replacement of a single tooth to providing a complete set of implants for a toothless jaw. Implant-supported bridges or implant-supported dentures are also possible.

A dental implant means the natural tooth along with its root is replaced by an artificial titanium root which is inserted into the jaw, provided that the bone structure is adequate. The upper part of this root replacement provides support for any form of crown or bridge provided by the dental technician. The result is a tooth replacement that looks and feels just like a natural tooth and which does not require any special care or maintenance.

Dental implants can restore the quality of life you lose along with you natural teeth!

Advantages of Dental Implants

natural look and feel
implant-supported crowns are closest to the look and functionality of natural teeth

bite force
implants provide maximum stability and can withstand natural bite force – you can eat whatever you like!

oral sensation
implants, unlike dentures, do not cover large parts of the oral mucosa which means things feel and taste the same again!

implants do not cause discomfort – you will forget they are even there and regain your natural speech and carefree smile!

preservation of the bone structure
when chewing food the natural bite force is evenly distributed along the teeth and bones. When you lose one or more teeth, however, these forces are distributed unevenly which leads to loss of bone structure in the jaw. Dental implants behave just like natural teeth and prevent loss of bone structure.

protection of neighbouring teeth
ordinary dental bridges mean the neighbouring healthy teeth (abutments) have to be ground down to fix the bridge in place. With implants, no damage to other healthy teeth is necessary.

cost effective
implants do not cause loss of bone substance which means constant adjustments of dentures or other forms of tooth replacement is not necessary. While the initial costs for dental implants are higher, this lack of maintenance, combined with their long lifespan makes them very cost effective in the long run.

long lifespan
we practice according to the highest standards of modern implantology which gives our implants outstanding service records: lifespans of 15 years or more are nothing unsusual.

Natural Bite Force and Healthy Jawbones

It is not well known, but medically there is a very important link between the distribution of bite forces through a healthy set of teeth and healthy jawbones. A healthy and complete set of teeth will distribute bite forces evenly across the jaws which keeps the jawbones intact and functional. In case of missing teeth the forces are distributed unevenly and over time bone structure is lost under the gaps.

As implants behave exactly like natural teeth, this phenomenon does not occur. Because a loss of bone structure in the jaw can also affect the shape and contour of your face, this means you also get to keep your smile!

Providing you with dental implants takes a fair amount of effort and expense: Your dentist needs special qualifications, a lot of experience and regular retraining. You yourself need time, discipline and good oral hygiene to gain the most from your dental implants – but the results are well worth it!

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