Aesthetic Dentistry

We just a few things we can restore your smile and your self-confidence.

We want to make you smile again!

Employing the Latest Technology in Dental Medicine

Do you find that beautiful teeth make people especially attractive? Then you have come to the right place: Dr. Birgittt Susann Eggers is Zahnärzte EFK’s resident specialist for patients who demand top quality aesthetic dental work.

Thanks to our innovative treatments we are able to change the shape and colour of your teeth without damaging their substance, whilst also meeting the highest aesthetic standards. Using micro-instruments we only deal with the affected parts of your tooth and leave all healthy tissue intact. We replace the removed parts with very durable modern synthetics or ceramics, which are just as hard as dental enamel, and use the latest in dental adhesive technology.

Methods of Aesthetic Dentistry

Dental adhesives allow us to glue veneers and ceramic inlays onto the tooth without any damage or side effects.

Bleaching means we can whiten the unsightly yellowish discoloured enamel of your teeth. The methods we use are non-agressive and represent the latest standards, with the effects lasting up to five years.

Our laser-guided dignostics system allows us to find – and treat – even the smallest traces of tooth decay without using potentially harmful x-rays.

Using these methods we can make sure your teeth are always completely healthy whilst also looking beautiful.

Conditions of Aesthetic Dentistry

To get the benefits of all the available treatment options, your dentist needs to be up to date with the latest medical findings and technological advances in aesthetic dentistry. This requires years of study, work and training.

Aesthetic Dentistry is overall a very resource intensive branch of dental medicine:

  • special materials are required
  • all phases of the treatment have to be meticulously planned out
  • both the patient and dentist need to invest a lot of time in the treatments

The results that can be achieved justify the greater effort and are well worth the investment. Interested? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch!